2002-09-04 08:46:01 ET


i think i willl change my layout again today.

it looks a bit too hardcore for the moment.

uggg im hatre waking up in cold sweats in hot stuffy rooms.

|gasps for air|

2002-09-04 08:50:57 ET

liked how it looked last night..

and ummm.. go take a cold bath :P

2002-09-04 08:58:26 ET



how did it look last night?

yumm~ nothing like waking up in a cold sweat in a stuffy room and opening all the windows and cranking tha gabber to scare the ppl on the street.


2002-09-04 08:59:47 ET

it was all black with the x-ray on the right.. very clean and perdy...


2002-09-04 09:02:20 ET


oh my.

it scares me to see a ? by gabber.

you do not kno whut gabber and hardcore n speedcore is?

2002-09-04 09:07:33 ET

I know what hardcore and speed core is, not in my taste buds though

2002-09-04 09:08:31 ET

oh okies.

well gabber is much like those.


it is an accuired taste.

2002-09-04 09:13:23 ET

yeah.. much rather listen to power noise or some violent EBM

2002-09-04 09:15:50 ET

i am a bit out of the loop on that.

i need food. |picks up a spider|

nah. me thinks i will go search in cupboards.

2002-09-04 09:20:09 ET

have fun.. I'm off to work [gag] for another fun day :D

2002-09-04 10:00:05 ET


|glad she gets to sit at home all day and bum around|

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