2002-09-06 11:38:42 ET

off to the doctors.

my fekkin industrial piercing has taken on a whole other form and now has to be taken out and i have to go and get reconstructive surgery becuz it has destroyed my cartilage to the point of its death. it was not visible cuz it was doing all the harmful work inside my ear so therefore i could not see any effects.

i did not notice how big my ear was or the bruising behind it.

well its also the piercers fault for giving me a scrathed barbell!

*shakes fist*

fukk man. if i knew this was A threat i would never have gotton it.

*sobs* my poor decaying ear.


2002-09-06 11:39:44 ET

haha you have lepresey!

Sorry that's not funny.

actually, it is, but it still sucks. You have Charlie Sympathy.

2002-09-06 11:40:18 ET

oi vey... i'm sorry, that sucks.... perhaps i shall rethink getting an industrial done..

2002-09-06 11:40:45 ET

Ouchies!! Thats gotta suck!!! Well Cheers!!!

2002-09-06 11:42:53 ET

well, to follow every other reply here, ow! that sucks!

2002-09-06 11:43:41 ET

Gee wilikers, I'm sorry I wanted that done so bad, I'm sort of having second thoughts now.

2002-09-06 11:46:30 ET

yeah me too.... and mine woulda been a hard one to do apparently... eegh...

2002-09-06 11:46:43 ET


2002-09-06 11:51:42 ET

yes darlings.

there are many many many reprocussions of having this piercing.

i wasn't lazy with it i kept it well in tact and was very clean indeed.

mine is a vertical industrial.

but yes i kno of many bad cartilage experiences many end in dead cartilage and need sugery.


2002-09-06 11:52:57 ET

egh.. I wanted a horizonal industrial.

2002-09-06 11:54:39 ET

well i advise to look up on all the info you can get. i can help yah out with that.

and i highly recommend you choose and search for a very well experiecned and recommended piercier.

and be sure you get the right barbell. alot of ppl get nickel ones and end up with harsher effects than me.

2002-09-06 11:56:34 ET

yeah.. i wouldn't be able to wear a barbell for a while is what they told me. it'd be too much stress on the cartliage. nickel.. ooooh... shouldn't you use some sort of surgical somethin' or other?

2002-09-06 11:58:32 ET


do not go from CBR's to barbell. cuz the piercing will be used to the rings and will not be shaped for a barebell.

blah....i gtg. we shall talk latah.


2002-09-06 12:01:02 ET


I dunno the guy said I had to wear the rings first to stretch out the hole enough to be able to fit a barbell in there... ehh, i don't much trust piercers here anyway.

2002-09-06 12:03:12 ET

I already have my cartilage pierced, and shouldn't you use surgical steel. I have my belly button pierced too, and I never got any infections on that, so maybe I wouldn't get any if I got that done. I don't know i really want it done though. Did it hurt getting it done?

2002-09-06 12:42:58 ET

sounds so sad, my poor decaying ear...
i feel for ya

2002-09-06 12:44:29 ET

2002-09-06 12:45:15 ET


2002-09-06 12:48:07 ET

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