2002-09-06 19:59:00 ET

why is it when a person is lonely and depressed they choose to do things that make then even further lonely and depressed.

*big uppies* to dwelling and crying n listenin to emo.

|tear| +'(

i wonder if anyone else has the gene that repels the opposite sex.

i mean i have all guy friends and always have.

just no companion or romantic ones.

i am destined to be alone forever.

blah blah blah. ok no more pouching.

2002-09-06 20:06:24 ET

i feel your pain..trust me i do..and it sucks ass...and im sorry..and i hope that you feel better soon!

2002-09-06 20:06:45 ET

i'm destined to be alone forever, too. woohoo, it's probably not a good thing.

2002-09-06 20:08:32 ET

I know the feeling too

Everyone over 25 seems to say that it gets better. Let's hope it does, eh ;)

2002-09-06 20:15:45 ET

too bad we dont all live close.

we could all dqwell together.

altho it rawkz all my friends are guys.

i always wondered what it whud be like to have girlfriends who you can do girl stuff with.

and all my friends moved away to skool. so i dont even have my one beautiful boi toi. and like there is any other out of the closet boi tois here. just complete homophobic fake jocks. oh if only they whud get over it. they whud be sooo much happier.


i need some femme luvin.

2002-09-06 20:49:39 ET

femme luvin sounds soooooooooo freaking good right now...

2002-09-06 21:15:56 ET


hey are you ever gonna write me back?

2002-09-06 21:53:35 ET

yes yes yes mah deary.

i am sooooo bad for taking a long time to do these things.

it shall come.


2002-09-06 21:59:10 ET

hehe thats ok..later is better than never =)

2002-09-06 23:22:00 ET

*hug* I'm sorry. i do the same thing as well... as I get depressed, i do things that make me even more so, and alienate myself. it sucks. bah to that i say.

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