2002-09-07 11:52:16 ET

bwahaha. ____

2002-09-07 11:58:12 ET

I want sporks. :(

2002-09-07 12:00:56 ET


i love yours.

+) spork spork spork.

|dances round da room with a spork|

2002-09-07 12:03:09 ET

Keep your spork.. I have a flashlight. Powerful at that. :D So I'll make you drop your spork at night then I'll be able to find it. Muah

2002-09-07 12:39:12 ET


these things are fun.

2002-09-07 12:46:10 ET

hahahaha...my goodness.

2002-09-07 13:38:28 ET

*licks the dolphin so the stamps stay put*

2002-09-07 14:28:23 ET


these things crack me up.

such an intense sillyness.


2002-09-07 18:16:06 ET

I am the same! It ain't easy bein'... plaid!

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