2002-09-08 10:14:48 ET

blah have any of you ever experienced whut it feels to slowing decay fromt he inside out?

i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. even tho i don't have any enemys.

i will just take some calcium and vit c and it shall give me temparary relief.

2002-09-08 10:19:14 ET

while you're at it, take some vit b12 as well. that cured me from feeling like that.

2002-09-08 10:20:30 ET

hummm interesting feeling . . .

2002-09-08 10:26:33 ET

yes b12.

junkie. its when your bones are disintegrating and you cant get out of bed (the charlatans UK) and all of your muscles are in spasm. and if you stand up you alomost faint from the mahsive headrush.


2002-09-08 17:08:39 ET

wow thats really shitty..im sorry =(

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