2002-09-09 10:39:55 ET

have an appt with the dietician tomorrow.

i wuzzah suppose to keep track of my food intake for the past couple of days .

but i completely forgot.

but i usually eat the same junk anyways.

its just so i can talk about vitamins and the proper way to eat and stuff.

my car is finally getting fixed after alll the months and months of procrastination all it needed was a new battery.

which is like 100$ pffft. no skin off my back.

my b-day is next thrus. the same day as SURVIVOR:THAILAND mah. i have no life.

i tried to call mike (the only friend left in this horrid town) but no answer.

prolly on another "binge run" |shakes fist|

anyways. i am off to lay in bed all day.

i am lookin for pink kitchen appliances. all i found is blue and yellow....not even a nice blu or yellow.

blah. pit of death here i come.

2002-09-09 10:50:38 ET

any reason why you are seeing a dietician? trying to eat healthier?

2002-09-09 10:52:10 ET

hmm... perhaps i should see one of those.

laying in bed all day sounds pretty good..... but i've only got ceramics today. i should jst go.

2002-09-09 11:02:16 ET


my whole life had been nothing but chip choc pasta (ravioli, ichiban) and pizza and alot of junk like that.

i mean not all but the majority.

and i want to olearn the healthy way to live and eat before i get at risk for diabetes and such other issues.

also i am gaing weight alot faster these days. my metabolism is shrinking.....and i wanna do something about it before i get fat and unhealthy.

i mean my parents cook all the time and my brother is vegan and cooks all the time.

yet some deep craving inside of me always went for the other unhealthy things.

so hopefully i can gain some insight about the "food groups" and how to prepare and eat the right things without them tasting like crap.


2002-09-09 11:48:10 ET

Dood that is so awesome!!!!
I am proud of you for realizing what is best for you. That takes a lot of guts, and intelligence.
Please keep us posted on how it goes with the dietician. I would like to know what they recommend.

2002-09-09 12:31:20 ET

yes i will fo sure.

cept i have some scary thought that they are going to probe me and take many many tests and i am not good at blood tests. i faint drastically.

and i am also afraid they may do a drug test.

but i think diabetes runs in my fam....and i am not what you would call a active person.

so i really really am going to try and make some changes while i still can.

hahahaha as i sit here eating a big bowl of ice cream.

2002-09-09 14:38:48 ET

eek diabetes runs in your family?? Oh my! That is very serious (shudders at the thought of having to use a needle every day to inject insulin)

They might take a blood test, but I think a dietician will just want to know what you have been eating, what kind of exercise you get, things like that. I don't think they would do a drug test at all. They are there to evaluate your lifestyle, and help you change it. :)

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