2002-09-10 13:19:31 ET

let me hit it doggy style let me hit it doggy style let me hit it from the back and i give that ass a smack oh shit here we go dj funk o dem hoes dookie booty bang it cutie bend on over do your dutie shake that ass and them tits , let me see your dookie split turn around , touch the ground move your booty to the sound

ahhh yeh dj funk at his finest.

got some new booty rekkids today.

oOo gabber an booty tonight. all night long!

2002-09-10 13:49:06 ET

Wooo hoooo!!

2002-09-10 14:24:35 ET

w00t w00t

2002-09-10 16:57:50 ET

yeh yeh.

chooooooo chooooooooooooooooooo.

do you guys like booty house n gabbah?

2002-09-10 17:55:21 ET

never heard it, but uh.... woo hoo anyway. sounds fun.

2002-09-11 10:23:51 ET


i shud make you guys tapes.

2002-09-11 13:47:51 ET

you should! do it! I'd rock it like a hurricane

2002-09-11 13:48:28 ET

w00t w00t

2002-09-12 20:30:38 ET

ok fo sho.

i will make a bunch o tapes and thern post and ask for mailing addresses.

2002-09-12 20:33:48 ET


2002-09-13 09:12:02 ET

booty house. = think like rilly dirty lyrics with phat cut out basslines.

gabber. = think scary big bass beats with heavy metal'ish samples.

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