2002-09-13 09:19:22 ET

k so my doc said there was no wax build up in my ear.

then why every time i shower my ear is full and will not drain and is in alot of pain.

somwthing (wax) is moving round in there. or a spider carcass (gasps)

oOo my.

and as i awoke today i broke the brita jug....now off to buy another one.

i am feeling a little bettah....guesss i don't have to go to vancity after all. a relief in some ways and some ways not.

someone smack me. hands up how many ppl have no clu whut i am talking about.

^ seems a little sketchy today.

2002-09-13 11:34:31 ET


2002-09-13 11:37:55 ET

Spiders....ewwww GAG ME ..... TWICE!

2002-09-13 11:38:31 ET

Gag me with a CARCASS!!!!!

2002-09-13 11:41:58 ET

Like carcass as in DEAD?

2002-09-13 16:17:14 ET

mwahaha why does there have to be soOoo many spiders of all different kinds in basemsnts.

and i found a new discovery, (sorrry i have to tell you) they breed and sleep in your pilowcases.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i was changing my sheets. (now i do every day ) and i took pillowcases off and like 20 spiders came out. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i threw it across the room and didnt come back until my mom caught them all and put them across the street.

now i think they are building an army to come attack me.

how the hell do they get inside anyways?

2002-09-14 07:57:58 ET

Oh my god...their revolting.

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