2002-09-18 16:16:28 ET

poo on a duck.

my b-day tommorw.

and no friend in site.

i suck for staying in a lone town.

altho i did sign up for skool today.

so i shall soon be heading to tha east coast.


2002-09-18 16:19:24 ET

Happy Birthday :-)

2002-09-18 16:20:48 ET

ooh, happy birthday. i might be going to the east coast too. woo hoo for the east coast.

2002-09-18 16:21:50 ET

yeh yeh.

wheree in da east coast.

i am goin to ottawa.

2002-09-18 16:29:06 ET

ahh I'd be going to Rhode Island

2002-09-18 16:34:07 ET

woo hoo.....thas near ny right?

2002-09-18 16:34:13 ET

2002-09-18 16:35:58 ET

sorta. i can take a ferry or something i believe, to get to long island.

2002-09-18 16:36:57 ET

word down!

2002-09-18 16:38:41 ET

heh yeah

2002-09-18 16:58:08 ET

Where in the east cost. I live in Mass. Hows the ear? Happy birthday tomorrow by the way.

2002-09-18 17:00:34 ET

whoa..thats news
unhappy unbirthmonth to you(jk)

2002-09-19 11:06:54 ET

east sida yo

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