2002-09-23 10:34:18 ET

oh my gosh

1000$ in us funds is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

cuts up credit card.

my rents are too trusting.

obsessive addictive personalitys and credit cards and drugs don't mix.


2002-09-23 12:15:18 ET

they do if you got a blender.


2002-09-23 12:21:01 ET


2002-09-23 12:38:36 ET

silly bouy.


hahaha p.s i actually just got a blender in the mail today from my aunt. its baby pink too.


2002-09-23 14:30:01 ET

lol really?
what are the odds that i'd mention a blender...

2002-09-23 15:51:13 ET

about 23674876590-348709238786547802436508923 to one.

whoa that wuzzah fun typing those numbers.

random hitting the keyboard games are kewl.

2002-09-23 18:15:59 ET

you didn't spend all that money already, did you?

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