2002-09-24 20:11:47 ET

i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

it amazes me sometimes how accurate some of these crazeee quizzes can be.

2002-09-24 20:26:56 ET

i am open-minded!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're pretty knowledgeable about music in general. You like indie music, sure, but that's only part of it.
You'll listen to any old shit as long as it sounds good to you. You're not snobby about music at all, you
just like what you like. How boring. Curiously, this makes you popular with the opposite sex.

hells yes, Archie fucking rocks!

2002-09-24 20:29:55 ET

whoa i am sooo not snobby about music.

i love it all babbeeee....weird.

i mean i am a snob.....but not about diff generes of choonz.

meh. |scratches head|

2002-09-24 20:32:22 ET

hehehe ahh it's all good anyway

2002-09-25 18:10:53 ET

i am a mix taper!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're really enthusiastic about the music that you like. You attempt to discover your new favourite
band every week. You continually try to get your friends into the music you like, which annoys the fuck
out of them, but you don't know it. At least you're not arrogant about it.

2002-09-25 18:14:01 ET

that shud have been whut i got.


2002-09-25 18:17:19 ET

Naw, it's because you <3 big booty

2002-09-25 18:36:44 ET

oh yeh babeee

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