2002-09-24 22:02:51 ET

Your Secret Fetish Is Panties!

Mmmm... panties.

You might like them fresh out of the wrapper or incredibley nasty and dirty.

Chances are that you and your lover keep your underwear on during sex...

and that you can be caught peeking up skirts from time to time.

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2002-09-24 22:47:42 ET

see.. now I personally hate panties.. like girls that run free :D

2002-09-24 22:51:27 ET

oh but i love wannabe boy undies.

and frilly bum undies. |can't remeber the name |


2002-09-24 22:52:16 ET

hehehe.. I'd rather run naked.. it's so much fun :)

2002-09-24 22:54:45 ET

Your Secret Fetish Is Exhibitionism!

Sex for you is an adventure ... one which you want the whole world to see.

Closed curtains and dark rooms don't do it for you.

You rather be getting it on in a public bathroom, park, or club.

Just don't let your love juices fly and hit someone in the eye.

What's *Your* Secret Fetish? Click Here to Find Out!

2002-09-24 22:55:45 ET


2002-09-24 22:58:52 ET

yeah.. guess those times in the park/forest/beach/Rose Bowl/outdoors should have given me a clue

2002-09-25 17:59:09 ET

i got exhibitionist as well. hm. meh.

2002-09-25 18:14:20 ET


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