2002-09-26 08:33:07 ET


another puddle jumping day.

as soon as i take my mom to get her eyes dialated. and i have to drive red (my mustang) down to the shop to get fixed. thing is she is deathly ill and i have to try and jump her and then have her followed as i drive her down.

whut if i break down on a steep hill or she blows up.


oh welll i guess we shall have to see whut unravels.

yay to 80z retrograde pop.

2002-09-26 09:37:10 ET

what's wrong with red?

2002-09-26 09:42:15 ET

well she has been out of order for aboput a year now...and evil me has neglected her.

at first we thought it was the battery...then i went away to bc for skool....and when i came back all my friends drove me around and i didnt have monies to fix her....so she stayed at a friends house for about another year...and now we are trying to get her to the shop.

sahe needs ALOT of body work and tune-ups and all that jazzz....the rents said they whud pay for her.

i shall take lovely pics of her after it all.

she has beautiful leopard interior and silver stars inside. as well as disco ball and amazing stero.


2002-09-26 09:44:06 ET

haha that's cool. i want a leopard interior in my truck. she's already got a good stereo in there. what year is she?

2002-09-26 09:48:17 ET


and my mom had it before me.

so she WAS in good shape.

until i got her and dragged her to millions of bush parties.


leopard trunk sounds rockin'

2002-09-26 09:54:44 ET

yeah. my truck needs a new carburetor... or the one that's currently in it needs to be rebuilt. blah.

2002-09-26 11:12:08 ET


i thought you mean trunk not truck.

i want to drive a truck i never have.


2002-09-26 11:13:28 ET

you haven't?? they're so much fun. they can be intimidating to people in little cars, that's the best part.

2002-09-26 15:21:19 ET


yeh i wanna start off with a little single cab one....i think the bigger ones might be a bit much for my first time.


2002-09-26 17:35:40 ET

heh yeah. I learned how to drive on an F150, and it was stickshift. I like automatic much better.

2002-09-26 21:11:59 ET


a stick is a whole diff topic.

i still don't know how to drive a stick.

2002-09-27 06:41:33 ET

I've got the basic idea of stick, but i wouldn't trust myself driving down a busy road with a stickshift.

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