2002-09-29 10:11:03 ET

oh my sweet and loving justin.

how i miss him so. got a letter from him and he is going to hair skool. i hope it works out.

he is in need of a motivation tool. he will have to sacrifice the art of puddle jumping.


i finally got to talk to him on the phone and i have to call him back tonight.

i hope i can get some points across that i have been meaning to without it sounding the opp of what it shud.

ahhhhhhhh drama queens of the world.

2002-09-29 10:19:15 ET

so what exactly is puddle jumping?

2002-09-29 10:57:46 ET

hmmm......well lets just put it this way.

it is a fine art that is praticed by many in hidden.

you can get alot of things done and you never get tired or hungry.

i shalt not want to delve further into subject.

becuz many judge on activites rather than the being.

2002-09-29 11:01:23 ET

ahhh I see

2002-09-29 11:10:55 ET


yeh hun.

a popular college university diet.

mmmMMMMMmmmmm "ice" cubes.

melt in your glass and not your hand.

2002-09-29 11:12:22 ET


2002-09-29 11:17:27 ET

howz kaelen been doin?

i haven't talked to her in a long time.

since no more sk.


2002-09-29 12:58:51 ET

she's doin' pretty well. I haven't talked to her much lately, jsut here and there when we run into each other at the college. in fact, i haven't talked to many people other than jojo. but yeah, she's doin' well.

2002-09-30 10:00:46 ET


2002-09-30 12:57:15 ET

hi there.


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