2002-09-30 12:58:28 ET


got my order today.

pants are too big.

but i love my fluffy hot pink scarf and my studs and misfits car air freshener.

oOo and my rainbow lunch box thingy camme all wrecked. so they are sending me a new one.

and i get to keep the wrecked one.

2002-09-30 13:33:22 ET

misfits air freshner? haha!

2002-09-30 15:01:58 ET


hahaha. it wuzzah only 98 cents.

2002-09-30 16:51:08 ET

oooh , fun times. i love getting stuff in the mail.

2002-09-30 19:28:00 ET

mos def.


i shall try to send you that tape.

2002-09-30 19:35:33 ET

woo hoo

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