2002-10-02 04:31:23 ET

holy poopoe pants mahjong.

i hate waking up and not falling back alseep.

always happens.

guess i am just worried about my trip. if there is even goin to be one anymore.


i have to get my shit organized. then if i even have 100$ i can turn it into 1000$$ overnight if i get shit right.

blah bloop bleep.

2002-10-02 07:52:16 ET

naps are good.. take a nap

2002-10-02 16:26:22 ET

i wish i could turn 100 dollars into 1000

2002-10-02 16:56:24 ET

yeah.. that would be really cool

2002-10-03 10:16:20 ET

well its rilly easy.

j00 justah need to kno the right people to help you out.


2002-10-03 14:22:47 ET

hehe, yah

2002-10-03 15:57:53 ET


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