2002-10-04 11:46:49 ET

oh my gosh.

snow snow snow everywhere.

it isn't suppose to come yet.


so now before my car is even fixed i gottah look into getting my winter tires.

2002-10-04 11:57:52 ET

snow! where?

2002-10-04 14:46:48 ET



2002-10-04 15:35:13 ET

i AM in the goddamn north. well quebec, canada.

2002-10-04 15:35:34 ET


2002-10-04 15:36:20 ET

oooooooooooohh. i see. rock tho. yukon must be half-rad.

2002-10-04 15:37:04 ET


don't ask me that today.

for my answer will be bitter and stinky.

2002-10-04 15:38:11 ET

i see. okayyy. have fun.

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