2002-10-04 15:25:53 ET

What kind of punk kid are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

2002-10-04 15:36:38 ET

NOT that quizz. boo for you. go make a snowman

2002-10-04 15:52:05 ET

"THAT" quiz?

i do not know what you speak.

i do not read other sk peoples jpurnals.

so if it has been around 1000+ times.

i would not know the difference.

2002-10-04 20:08:14 ET

2002-10-04 20:08:23 ET

err doesn't show up
i got emo too

2002-10-04 20:12:03 ET

yeh i first took it on rens page.

then took it again and i got diff result.

but the answers where the same.


2002-10-05 10:05:19 ET

i started it???

2002-10-05 13:06:24 ET

i just mean the test is stupid. i don't like it. it has nothing to do with punks. no worry. love.

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