2002-10-05 20:33:38 ET

bwahahaha....i jusst watched bridget jones diary.

i love it. if you grrls haven't seen it i fully suggest doing so.

p.s i didn't go out. i am soo bad. +0

2002-10-05 21:19:45 ET

i have not seen that movie yet... hmmmm... I'll put it on my things to watch list.

2002-10-05 21:21:18 ET

yes do it.

it is wixket.

us grrls can totally realate.

actually older women than us more so.

but the gen idea of it all.

2002-10-05 21:22:47 ET

heh, yeah.

2002-10-06 10:49:24 ET

I read the book. I didn't like it much. too girly for me...I don't like girls much, even though I am one...

2002-10-06 11:02:16 ET


ummm i hate grrls too.

but i like this movie.

i have only 1-2 grrls friends...and they hate grrls too.

i had this convo on here before tho and it brought alot of controversy...and i have no energy fro it today.


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