2002-10-07 13:21:45 ET

going to victoria.

couch surfing either looking for a job and loft or coming back and swimmming in dread.

2002-10-07 15:46:56 ET

sounds interesting. blah, i need to get my own place. but i have no money, so i'll stay and mooch off of my parents some more.

2002-10-07 17:26:59 ET

yes i need to get out of the parents house.!!!!!!!!!!

i wanted to stay up all night ast nite and couldnt cuz of my parents.

i ant to smoke cigs in my room but i cant cuz of them, i want to cook food at 3 am but i cant cuz of them. et.c!

2002-10-07 17:29:55 ET

hahaha yeah

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