2002-10-08 12:24:01 ET

la lee la.

i made double choc squares.

cept its too many for me...and my fam doesn't eat much of that stuff. neither do i in that case.

and no frineds around to eat them.

this happens every time i cook.

cuz i only crave one piece or so.

i wonder if you can SEND cookies and stuff in the mail.

like on tv when moms send that kinda stuff to there kids at camp.

does it really work?

comments of experiences?

2002-10-08 12:25:06 ET

yeaaaaah you can! you can send em. you should send em to me. I'll take em' off your hands.

2002-10-08 12:57:27 ET

it works, send them express tho :)

2002-10-08 13:08:02 ET

hmmmm.......but when i get clotthes and other things over states border they rummage thru them.

i wonder if customs will wreck them thinking i am transporting drugs in baked goods.

i kno that they dump out alcohol and cigs and things like that.

|scratches head|

2002-10-08 13:09:11 ET

try it anyway. I"ll eat rummaged through chocolate squares. well. depends on how rummaged through they are....

2002-10-08 14:24:46 ET

yes, try it, send it to me
i LOVE getting mail!!!!

2002-10-08 14:37:04 ET

ok my mommma just told me that she will talk the rest to my dads "polital" thingy party shindig tommorw.

but when i get my a$$ in czech i fully plan on sending little packages of fun stuff to my sk friends.


2002-10-08 14:39:40 ET

yay!!! mail!!
if anyone wants mail from small town sask, lemme know

ill send you leaves, or rocks, or...cotton balls, or a piece of newspaper, or a bomb

but youll have to tell me how to make the bomb.

2002-10-08 14:54:25 ET

wooo hoooooooooo

we shall talk further hun.

cuz i wouldn't mind some local flyers for raves/shows/clubs and any kewl local zines e.t.c

we can be music pen pals.

or something.

2002-10-08 14:58:41 ET

Send em to me...please?

2002-10-08 17:25:21 ET

well i can promise cool punk flyers...

2002-10-08 19:54:39 ET


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