mellon collie and the infinate sadness
2002-10-09 10:04:26 ET



2002-10-09 10:30:04 ET

mmm good song. great album. smashing pumpkins = love

2002-10-09 10:31:15 ET


i am glad i dug it out.

so many of my cds don't get the appriciation they deserve.

i guesss that comes with every huge collection.

2002-10-09 10:32:33 ET

true. its cool though when i dont listen to a cd for a while then i put it on and it brings back so many memories of when i used to listen to it alot. good feeling. .. well, usually heh

2002-10-09 10:34:47 ET

ah yes.....reminiscing is the best feeling in the world.

however some of us are cursed with too much of it it makes us forget more valid things.

2002-10-09 10:35:59 ET

haha, sooo true. i am definitely one of those people

2002-10-09 10:37:49 ET

living in the past.



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