2002-10-11 08:01:41 ET

rents are leaving again.

gives me perfect time to flee.

altho i shall consider waiting for an urgent ticket will take all of funds.

and grandparents are in town.

which whould stop me fromdoing anything ddrastic.

so once again happiness and complete fullfillment will be delayed.

alone i wallow in dread.

2002-10-11 08:10:41 ET

! i love yer page

2002-10-11 08:14:44 ET

awww thankz hun.

i tend to change it ever so often.

i am very versatile.

2002-10-11 08:17:53 ET

i know. i like it rite now. ;D

2002-10-11 08:20:32 ET


when my computer gets fixed i will be posting more pics.

i plan on doing a full out exibit.

hahah that sounds bad.

but i mean on some days even my best friends don't recognize me.

2002-10-11 08:21:18 ET

that is badass! i want some i want some. :D

2002-10-11 08:22:17 ET

soon my dear.


dUn DuN dUn!

2002-10-11 08:24:04 ET


2002-10-11 08:25:40 ET

|prances round da room|

j00 like disko?

oOo babeeeee. does the hustle.

hahah i have this odd addiction to blasting disco ch00ns every single morning as i wake up.

2002-10-11 08:27:12 ET

that's wack. haha it's cool. i'm stupid and don't know much about disco tho *tear*

2002-10-11 08:28:30 ET

oh my gosh.

ah well thats ok.

i loooooove every single genre and subgenre of music out there.

2002-10-11 08:29:37 ET

woopass. you love punk rock.

2002-10-11 08:52:30 ET

of course.

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