2002-10-12 00:55:56 ET

hmmmm.....hidden agendas.

are the bumps in the night.

just had a 2 hr long shower. seemed like 20 mins. wonder what my grandparents thought of me showering for 2 hrs at 1 in tha morn'

i am beet red and pruny.

i feel super dizzy as well. compulsiveness can suck sometimes.

ah well 1st all nighter in a long time.

i hope i can make it until tomoorow night.

many many any things to do tommorow.

ah yes. must clean. myself //house//car//garage//dog//carpets.


tek tek tek.

2002-10-12 04:18:02 ET

2 HOURS?!?! my bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-10-12 11:34:31 ET

i don't think i've ever taken a 2 hour shower..... that's a new goal for me i think.

2002-10-12 12:31:27 ET

it was hardcore.

i dont wanna do it again.

2002-10-12 12:32:09 ET

i hear. long showers kill you.

2002-10-12 12:53:14 ET

yes and if you are oblivious to the tempature and lenth .

then they are horrid i am still dehydrated and overheathed.

and now must do glorious rewarding housework.


2002-10-12 12:54:33 ET


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