2002-10-14 13:38:13 ET

mom just called.

they had us all worried .

my bro wanted me to call the cops and get ppl to look for them.

why do they have to be so inconsiderate.

but i guess that is what happens.

are parents worry about us when we are growing up and take off for the weekend and don't call.

and we don't understand why they are soo upset.

but then as we grow older we start to worry about them all the time.

i am sick of it all. i need to get out of dodge.

i can't have anymore bullshit and sleepless nights . i am sick of being alone.

blah blah blah.

happy thankgiving to me.

altho i never have anything to be thankful for.

to0 many others i can see how it looks like i am a whiney pouching little spoiled brat.

however people need to learn to see between the cracks.

funny how some rich kids get raised by "the help"

altho some others get raised by other form of help.

"fuck you thats why."

2002-10-14 13:43:43 ET

my mom used to leave for long ass periods of time when i was little, so i'd get all scared and would sit up crying until she came home. drunk usually too. i hated it.

2002-10-14 13:46:29 ET

|shakes fist|

damm their cursed hides.

parents. pffft.

i will never be one.

2002-10-14 13:48:00 ET

if i end up being a parent,i hope im not like my mother.

2002-10-14 13:49:46 ET

i think most of the time.

its unaviodable. (sp?)

some escape the same patht ho.

i am sure you will.

|hugs| <----- mushy.

2002-10-14 13:53:16 ET

hehe yeah ,hopefully i will

2002-10-14 13:56:49 ET


its funny how i spend alot of my time walking on eggsheels.

and trying to make things noce and pretty around my house.

and like many ordinary beautiful things it goes unoticed.

this is why i plan on taking off soon.

i plan on making a record of how long it takes until i see posters up or something equally lame.

2002-10-14 14:08:45 ET


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