e.i benefits
2002-05-14 14:54:21 ET

so did fuck all again today, got my e.i thingy in da mail today, had to call some computer monitered line and do all the shiznitty, so i will be getting my cheaques in a direct deposit soon hopefully, gawd i am soo broke.

fukken tiring day, i find myself sleeping in alot these days, su><0rs, and eating alot, i wonder if something is wrong, haha my mom asked if i was pregnant, i laughed, you need to have sexXx to get pregnant, i am starting to deteriorate (sp?) again slowly, galen should be coming back from ottawa soon enough, he will want me to go hang out an party and things, yet he will just be another one dissapointed, i have no desire to see you people, and the thought of having to see aram is disgusting, and his whore of a girlfriend, they all look and think of me as this messed up little speed freek still, no matter what i say it wont change, so fuck them why should i go hang out with them when all they will do is pre judge me and keep asking me if i am ok, i wanna punch them in there grimaced lil faces!!!!!, fukk i hate this town and everyone in it, why can't there be at least one person like me?, galen actaully pointed out a good theory, he said you kno i bet there is some boi like you here, but like you he sits at home plays on the computer and never goes out in public like you, so you guys have no chance to meet each other, i often wonder about that, but ah well, i may decide to go out for a drink with G, who knows, but seriously i need to get out, but there is nothing of interest for me, i would rather sit at home and do my self destruction then have to sit in a dirty bar and listen to some funky house dj who thinks he is the bomb, cuz everyone in this town knows of nothing else and holds him in their royalty standards. and sitting there watching all the lil whore bitches hooking up with the wannabe bar stars , there are some few random people that i dont mind, adrian is kewl, i really want to go back to victoria, but i know that it is too soon, i will juss fall back into the downward spiral of all bad things.

anyways, if any of you read this, sorry for the pointless jumbled jibber jabber.

/\../\ <----- don't eat spiders!

2002-05-14 18:06:12 ET

you're right... bars/clubs are painfully retarded

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