suicidal tendencies
2002-05-19 23:13:56 ET

hmmmm, i just realized that i really dont like being alone anymore.

tis funnny that it has taken me a year to firgure this out, all this time i have been fooling myself into think i can go on with no contact or socialization with anyone or anything.

but i did get momentary thoughts that i would just make them fade away, its a bit much to handle right now, and i am actually getting really depressed at the fact that i have broken down.

i have failed myself,there is no exscuse for this. i am weak, but whut the fukk am i supposed to do with this new epihany???? its not like i can go out and fix it all in a day.

i need to melt the puddles.

2002-05-21 12:18:33 ET

oh darling, i know how that is.
being alone is not fun.
this anti-social behaviour is murder.

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