where have i been?
2002-05-23 22:47:14 ET

wow i have been so out of sorts the past few days.

hopefully i will find myself back tomoorow.

wasted 300$$ on a bunk a$$ computer desk, asshole said i could only get credit if i took it back.


i will be more creative in a day perhaps.

+) 'paranoia is reality on a finer level'

2002-05-24 11:36:24 ET

ouch, 300 bones on a desk! what is this world coming to, eh?

2002-05-24 14:08:55 ET

yes i kno

and it wasn't anythin like it seemed, i dunnno meybee i was on cracker jacks or sumthin.

but it seemed sooo kewl in the store, then i took it home and it was so wrong in every way, then i found it on the net and it was even more whack than i thought.


ahhhh why oh why is thw moniter like that?

how strange.

2002-05-24 14:16:56 ET

hahah seriously!
its like a desk specially built for the fine people working at zellers

2002-05-24 14:32:47 ET

yes it is completely fu><0red and makes no sense.<BR>
i feel kinda sad for it, i don't think there is any hope for it.

now i have credit there, and there is absolutly nothing of any interst to me.

*sighs* hahaha my life is sooo unfullfilling, can you even believe this is my biggest problem?

people are funny.

2002-05-24 21:19:42 ET

lol, perhaps you should spice up the store credit policy, and try to "buy" one of the ppl working there. use your 300 dollars to get them to...clean your gutters..or something..

2002-05-24 21:27:45 ET

haha that would be kewl.

but this town is waay too serious for things like that.

and the ppl that work there are old an rude.

oh well, maybe i can special order something, like a leopard print chaise !!!

*gets excited* oOoOoOo i will look into that.

2002-05-25 07:25:46 ET

whats a chaise...lol

2002-05-25 09:22:24 ET


you kno wht i didnt kno whut it was either, then i went to this '/upper' class furniture store. pfftt

and its like a couch/chair/thing you lay on,,,,,lemmme see is i can find a pic.

2002-05-25 09:26:50 ET



there we go, i like the second one better. +)

2002-05-25 12:23:12 ET

thats pretty cool =)

2002-05-25 12:29:25 ET

yeh i kno, i was just thinking to myself

they are like the things gurls lay sit on when ppl draw them naked, haha marilyn monroe, that girl from titanic, e.t.c


2002-05-25 14:04:43 ET

damn, i should get a girl...a chair thingy...and learn how to draw...

2002-05-25 14:17:43 ET


me too, i wish i could draw.

more than anything else i wish for.

i have tried...sooo hard.

2002-05-25 14:33:55 ET

i can sometimes fake something cool, but not very often :(

2002-05-25 14:56:26 ET

yeh if i take alor of pills i can draw weird sqiggly lines.

they look kinda kewl.

i am more artistic with words.

2002-05-25 15:10:15 ET

i the most artistic with potatoe salad.

2002-05-25 15:30:37 ET

yumm oh my goodness

i love potatoe sallad o much *snicker*

ever since i was a little tot.

2002-05-25 20:31:29 ET

lol, thats kinda of a pun eh? potatoe salad...tot... tater...tot...

2002-05-25 20:36:58 ET

tee heee

i call one of my friends tater tot.

his name is taylor.

he hates it. i love it.

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