2002-05-25 14:19:00 ET


today is my day for wallowing in my tears. listening to emo and missing justin

i think i should make his cd and write the long waited 'letter'

oh how i need him so.

2002-05-25 14:45:04 ET

bah. cheer up :)

2002-05-25 15:34:46 ET

i don't think i can

i think i may have just gotten my heart broken.

im not quite sure tho? if you have never been in love how can you get your heart broken?

it doesn't work that way.

is there a thing deeper than love?

2002-05-25 20:35:46 ET

its possible to get your heart broken while not being in true love.

and yes, i believe theres something deeper then "love" .
love is considered a romantic attatchment (sp?) while its possible to connect with somebody on a level deeper then that, and not be nessacearly (sp..ugh) romantically involved with.

so yeah. feel better :)

2002-05-25 20:38:47 ET

i think me an HIM had that sort of connection.

i am soo lost i don't kno what to do.

*sighs* this sux a$$ rox.

i am watching lolita. i am in love with it so far.

2002-05-25 20:41:48 ET

well, if it really is that kinda of connection... you'll never really be apart. it'll be like one of those things, where you can just look each other up at anytime, and be happy to see each other, ya know?

i'm poor, i don't get extended cable =(

2002-05-25 20:54:49 ET

yes i know what you mean and i think it will be like that.

but the sadness is getting to me, and i have nothing to distract me for the time being.

i keep trying to get in touch with him, but i get nothing. and it saddens me more .

sorry for the whining and complaing merh.

2002-05-26 07:35:14 ET

hey, it happens to everyone

2002-05-26 10:02:19 ET

yeh this is my first time.

i mean i have lost friends before, but they were not even remotely close to how close this one was.

2002-05-26 11:14:00 ET

i've lost someone that was very close to me... but we still talk now and then, and i know if i really need her, she'll still be there. it'll be hard for a bit, but you can get through it :) i promise

2002-05-26 11:29:10 ET


yopu see the pathetic thing of it all is that i have no other friends to preoccupy my time.

*smacks herself*

i am soo hoping that i can meet some semi intriguing people at the college in the fall.

2002-05-26 14:51:01 ET

what college you going to?

2002-05-26 15:13:17 ET

a local one here.

haha it sux.

its called yukon college.

2002-05-26 18:47:53 ET

yukon eh, thats pretty cool

2002-05-26 18:56:03 ET

yes thats is where i am from.

did you not kno that?

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