2002-05-27 09:59:13 ET

oh my *flusters*

i am sooo horny lately...all i do is daydream about coital.


imma drive myself crazeee....ohg why cant i find a boi.

i think i should find a booty call or something, this way too ridiculous.

i mean it will be almost a year soon.


2002-05-27 11:18:27 ET

omygoodness, you are too funny!

2002-05-27 12:07:20 ET

i kno.

its soo strange tho hun.

i mean i usually can be fine, but for some reason lately all i think about is coital.

i think i have been watching too many steamy romances.


2002-05-27 12:11:05 ET

ooh steamy romances!!
man, when was the last time you played with a boy?
or girl as the case may be!

2002-05-27 12:29:21 ET

believe it or not

the last time for coital was last canada day.

and that last kiss was dec.?


but you see i am not one to just go out an play.

and i never leave my house LITERALLY.

i should get out eh.

2002-05-27 12:49:00 ET

hahaha, dear dear, you should!!
go play with the other nice children!!

2002-05-27 13:26:11 ET

yes yes i kno.

hahaha its funny how i literally havent gone out since christams.

ah well maybe sometime over the next few weeks. i could use some drinks.

2002-05-27 13:31:20 ET

good grief, dear girl, why that is even worse then me!!
DO go out!! GO GO GO!!

2002-05-27 13:44:38 ET

hehehe yeh i kno.

i have no friends here anymore.

thats why i don't go out.

my friend from ottawa is here i think. he hasn't called me yet tho.

so i dunno.

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