mm fuzzy leopard
2002-05-28 20:29:16 ET

so had a not so good day.

went to get another webcam and turns out it doesn't like my computer, actually i am beginning to not like my computer much these days.

seems as tho everytime i turn around it asks me for new parts or something else.

dammed computers who are spoiled *shakes fist*

so i was hoping to have pics up an stuffs, but it looks like it wont happen.

*sighs* oh whats a grrl todo.

on a lighter note, my mom an i went to go shopping and i got a fuzzy leopard towel and went to order more supplies for me.

i got:

//more colorist gloves
//pair of hair cutting sciorrs
//tail combs
//straighting iron (with 4 styles of crimping plates)
//more razor blades
//more fudge color

thats all i can rilly afford for the time being.

i dont do anyone elses hair but my own anyway.

so i guess it doesn't really matter.

my friend in ontario wants me to fly in and do his hair. hah. that would be nice.

*yawns n kitty stretches* g'night all.

2002-05-28 20:33:11 ET

mmmm fuzzy leopard towel.

2002-05-28 20:45:12 ET

*rubs body with it*

its sooo soft.

2002-05-28 20:47:37 ET

hipness. i wish i had a fuzzy leopard towel. or a fuzzy leopard. i'm not picky.

2002-05-28 20:52:13 ET

awww a fuzzy leopard would be sooo nice n rockin'

i want one someday.

but it will neva happen.

2002-05-28 20:52:55 ET

yeah. so i stick to the stuffed ones.

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