the mothman prophecies
2002-06-09 16:38:27 ET

juss watched the mothman prophecies.

and its very quite intersting. i am not too sure what to think of it yet.

i get very scared of that kinda stuff.

now the devils advocate is on.

yay. imma sit here an veg with my oh so delish nestle sundae.

2002-06-09 18:03:34 ET

mmmm ice cream

2002-06-09 22:40:00 ET

oh my goodness.

you soo hafta go buy this nestle sundae thingy.

i saw a commerical for it and went to walmart an bought one.

you wont regret it. +)

2002-06-10 06:21:41 ET

i better not!

2002-06-10 06:39:18 ET


i would send ytou one.

but it would melt. and be all icky.

2002-06-10 10:40:01 ET

but the thought would be sweet

2002-06-10 12:39:44 ET

i got the kewlest shoes today!

2002-06-10 13:05:19 ET

what do they look like?

2002-06-10 14:24:19 ET


only mine are pink n white.

2002-06-10 14:25:51 ET

imma tryin tah get a hold of these too!

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