2004-05-13 19:44:07 ET

Today my girlfriend broke up with me. i feel like i'm dying inside, but maybe it is for the best. i just wish i could tell myself that it will be ok. i am real confused and depressed. some one out there in this universe, "Help me!"

" Hello my name is distance and I really dont care if i never wake up again!" -From Autumn to Ashes

2004-05-13 19:56:10 ET

DAMN, thats a bummer man, name someone who doesnt feel like ass when they break up with someon and that is someone without a heart

Keep ya chin up mang, there'll be other women

2004-05-13 19:58:58 ET

aww i'm so sorry i hate being dumped, it for sure brings the blues around. maybe you should sing the blues. lol or write a poem. vent for a bit then just get out there in that world and show it whos boss say this is my life bitch and i will control it the way i want now whos with me? heh ok maybe not that but you know just go with me for the time being.hehe

2004-05-13 20:00:07 ET

how long did you guys go out for?? theres plenty of chick-a-dicks everywhere!! isnt this world great!?

2004-05-13 21:12:37 ET

Whoa. That's a suprise.
Whoa. I was just hanging out with you two on Wednesday.

2004-05-13 22:37:45 ET

you need a good hug.

2004-05-13 22:44:52 ET

Jackie, they hadn't been going out more than a few months.
Brain, we'll just get him drunk
YouLittleWonder, don't we all?
Lenny, wanna go drinking?

2004-05-14 03:23:25 ET

WOW. That really blows, for lack of anything more meaningful to say. :(

2004-05-14 09:11:20 ET

thx guys. nathanal i would really like that sometime. i really dont know what to do. i know we only went out for a couple of months, but "every-day", we saw each other for those two and a half months. no one saw us apart really and maybe a few we were not with each other for reason of school or i would see my friends, but that was it. maybe she got tired of me seeing her to much or something. the most depressing thing is that i had to get out the stuff i had left at her house. i will list here the stuff for you:
-A Tooth brush( that was like the most general, but i hurts)
- my brown belt( i gave her, then took it back)
- Dune the book(she was reading, was amost done and i took it from her and said," You will never know the ending." she said to me," I have seen the Movie." and i said ," I wasn't talking about the movie."
- a picture of my self i gave her( she never put it up, she just put it in her closet.) that is what made me feel preety bad.

She is coming over today to get her things and i dont know what to do. i really want to say. " I love you Honey, lets try to make this work again." but i really dont know. Anyway thx guys, again.

2004-05-14 10:30:30 ET

Sorry bro. It hurts, but yer young, there's more out there, and imma fill you with more cap't morgans than you know how to deal with

2004-05-14 10:56:48 ET

thx u dylan. the captain is my friend.

2004-05-14 10:59:30 ET

I want in.

2004-05-14 12:13:54 ET

oh nathanal we have to see, but i would love to see you there of corse with all of my friends including Matia,Tyler,Korey and others like Alex ect. i remember Alex saying he wanted to have a party at his house. maybe we should get on it.

2004-05-14 12:34:52 ET

I think we should.

2004-05-14 13:20:19 ET

done and done my son.

2004-05-15 07:47:03 ET

awww I don.t know you but break ups always suck. ::hugs::

2004-05-16 08:25:17 ET

that's why I plan to procreate with myself

2004-05-16 09:59:31 ET

Umm.. just so everyone knows, Lenny is now back with his girly.

2004-05-16 12:42:11 ET

yeah, it's in his newest entry.

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