2004-05-15 10:12:40 ET

last night my ex-girlfriend called me and told me to come over and she said she was sorry and that she wanted to go out again and now we are back together. i know some people said that it was not a good idea for me to do this, but i am happy and can handle what may come up in the future, but for now i am happy and that is what matters most.

2004-05-15 10:34:08 ET

I agree you being happy is all that matters

2004-05-15 10:55:00 ET

congrats man.

2004-05-15 11:12:27 ET

Yaay make up sex is the best.

2004-05-15 11:22:47 ET

Haha. Congrats!

2004-05-15 11:31:34 ET

YAY! good o'l happiness

2004-05-15 12:39:10 ET


2004-05-18 06:16:59 ET

thx guys, yes make up sex is really good.

2004-05-18 13:09:27 ET

yes....make up sex is always good...mmm

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