Yeah Bitch!
2004-05-25 09:32:29 ET

I need 5 credits to graduate and four of them is coming from one teacher. i mite graduate this week. yeah bitch!

2004-05-25 11:38:27 ET suck

2004-05-25 11:47:56 ET

fun stuff

2004-05-25 14:36:15 ET

so where are you gonna get the one credit man? good work, i just hope they dont nail you on a technicality like my high school tried to do to me...but failed after i wouldn't take no for an answer.

2004-05-25 22:46:12 ET

gratz! i just went through the graduation scramble, so i know the elation

2004-05-26 13:45:36 ET

Dawn you think i suck :(
Matia i will get it from my social studies class i hope. Dude my mom got sued.
thx Autumn.
Marionette thx.

2004-05-26 17:51:44 ET

YW why did your mom get sued?

2004-05-26 21:12:26 ET

some woman came to my house today and said i cant tell you what is here in these papers and the papers said that my mom is being sued by citibank in north dakota. weird man

2004-05-27 07:55:03 ET

that's really odd and sux i'm sorry

2004-05-27 08:09:49 ET


2004-05-27 08:11:20 ET

yeah np i remember when my dad got sued except that we won and we got to keep this awesome laptop hehe good times i hope it works out good for you guys aswell

2004-05-27 08:12:42 ET


2004-05-27 08:13:09 ET

for sure

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