weird day?
2004-05-26 22:08:46 ET

i had the weirdest day today. i stayed home all day with my girlfriend and that in itself was weird, cuz if you no then, yeah anyway, matia came to pick us up and we went to have coffee and the lights in san rafael were out only on the street were the coffee shop aroma was. weird day but good though. i hope to help matia with the soundtrack to his film tomarrow.yeah for me, i can play music now:)

2004-05-26 22:16:00 ET

whats weird about having sexXx all day.

2004-05-26 22:19:36 ET

not that, well yes and no, sex was good and bad in the sense that at a time i didnt want it then she didnt want it then we both wanted it twice. but the day was weirder than that. big time.

2004-05-26 22:26:20 ET


whoa .

2004-05-26 22:27:06 ET

ya man.

2004-05-27 08:09:44 ET

sounds like a strangly fun day indeed. heh

2004-05-27 08:13:54 ET


2004-05-29 10:46:41 ET

and then we recorded till 4 am.... :)

2004-05-29 13:02:28 ET

fuck dont remind me i still am tired, but it came out great.

2004-05-30 17:26:06 ET

whoa that's crazy, I was in san rafael at a coffee shop on 5/28 .....

and at a show... at that place....

2004-05-30 18:45:29 ET

where do you live? if you dont mind?

2004-05-30 20:31:25 ET

hslf moon bay

2004-05-30 21:46:19 ET

cool. do you come out to marin often?

2004-05-30 23:12:15 ET


2004-05-31 00:38:15 ET

why did you come to SR?

2004-05-31 16:34:10 ET

for my friend's show.... I forget what the "venue" was called (it was really a small like.... boys and girls club type of dealie only i don't think it was a b & g's ... it did have a stage which is better than a lot of small places for local shows. it was on um, third st. ...

2004-05-31 16:35:52 ET

was it at the oasis? who did you see?

2004-05-31 16:48:46 ET

ya I think it was the oasis...

halfway to nowhere...

um...the others I dunno except my friend's band Tragedy Andy.

2004-05-31 18:24:52 ET


2004-06-01 17:40:11 ET

yup yup so how be you?

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