recording RED YOUTH
2004-05-29 13:10:33 ET

we are going to start recording and doing shit today. i am happy to start this project again. it has been a while, but i know that this is what i want to do. i hope we can make it big. NOT!

2004-05-29 13:38:05 ET

What are you talkin' about? I want a new ferrari and a butler who has buttler. Hehehheeee
Shit we're going broke either way we look at it. Releasing CD and touring is expensive, especially with we're "lucky" enough to get label "support."

2004-05-29 15:49:57 ET

i want a lot of things to man. but the one thing i want is to be on mattress.

2004-05-29 16:15:22 ET

Being on a matress asleep? Being on a matress gettin busy? Or being on a matress as in your name?

2004-05-29 17:45:35 ET

mattress is a recording company made by Babyland
go to to chech them out.

2004-05-29 17:49:05 ET

I see... good luck then.

2004-05-29 17:50:41 ET


2004-05-29 18:50:46 ET

I don't know if we're ready, or if I want to commit to that just yet. This could be the lack of sleep speaking for me.

2004-05-29 19:01:48 ET

you need to sleep more man. that stuff is unhealthy.

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