2004-05-31 01:45:38 ET

Everyone who reads this has to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. ask me anything you want. then i want you to go to your journal, copy & paste this, allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything....

just cuz ROZA said so.

2004-05-31 02:30:50 ET

1: what study do you follow?
2: do you have strange habits?
3: what is the funniest thing you ever did/saw ?

2004-05-31 04:57:51 ET

1. What is your favorite food.?
2. What is your most disturbing memory?
3. What do you normally do on the weekends?

2004-05-31 09:09:47 ET

do you dance when you want to..do you leave your friends.. because if they dont and if you dont dance then your no friends of mine?

apple or orange?

the chicken or the egg?

2004-05-31 09:54:36 ET

1. study? Like religon? none. or and study at all? Well i have my own beliefs and morals i follow which i cal the legion of the rabbit.
2. any strange habit? hum? well i am rude and burp and fart. i am a skevey fool. but human none the less.
3.singing " wasn't me" with matia on stage with our band.

2004-05-31 10:02:32 ET

I mean study, like school and stuff ^_^

2004-05-31 11:34:22 ET

oh ok i am a student going to graduate high school. and go to a community college.

2004-05-31 11:43:56 ET

1. italian food
2.seeing my mom have sex.( on acsident)
3.relax or hang out with friends or play and record music.

2004-05-31 15:50:02 ET


2004-05-31 18:56:57 ET


2004-05-31 19:07:17 ET

At this moment are you late for a very important date?

Does one pill make you larger, and one pill make you small, and the ones that mother gives you, do they do anything at all?

Are you the very model of a modern major general?

2004-05-31 19:31:31 ET

1.not at this moment. get my kid gloves and fan. Mary
2. and dont know what you are talking about. Call Alice
3. yes

2004-05-31 20:11:29 ET

1. Who is your greatest influence musically?
2. If you could or wanted to torture someone without any fear of being caught, how would you do it?
3. If you could go back in time to any time period, where would you go, what would you do and why?

2004-05-31 20:44:29 ET

1. jean from nuclear rabbit. i think?
2. i would strap hook to their body," like hellraisesr" all over their body like: through their jaw, upper and lower, under their eye ridge, near there eyebrow( eye socket), genitals, hands, feet,
ans chest plate. Then toss them of and bridge and attach the ends of the chains to the bridge and when the chains caught him, it would rip him apart.
3. i would go back to when i was holding a drink, and drink is what i would do.

2004-06-01 18:49:18 ET

who is your idol?

what is your favorite movie?

do you enjoy romantic things or do you get right to the point?

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