god fucking damb it!!!!
2004-06-03 09:05:55 ET

my girlfriend cheated on me while she was gone in haward. i knew it. i felt it psychicly all the way down here. i feed on her energy and fucking knew it. i realy hurt right now. i trusted her and loved her even though she didnt back. i know that i need to be with friends right now. cuz this happen, well she told me like 30 min. ago. and i just want to die. i never want to see girls or any one for that matter again, cuz this always happens to me in one way or another. :(
i want to die. every inch of my body does and i cant help but take this pain and tell all of you.

2004-06-03 10:28:05 ET

i've been cheated on more times than i can count, so i know exactly how it feels sweetie. honestly? being with your friends is the best thing you can do. get your mind off it. look around you and see that you have better people than her around, and that she's not worth your time if she doesnt feel that you're worth hers.

2004-06-03 10:28:31 ET

God, that's such crap. I can only imagine what that would feel like if my boy cheated on me. :(

2004-06-03 11:09:45 ET

(hugs) <3

2004-06-03 13:38:52 ET

that sucks ass :(

2004-06-03 13:46:52 ET

Can we get you drunk this time?

2004-06-03 14:43:19 ET

aww i'm so sorry. i know the pain and it's just hard to get over but i am always here for you if you need someone to talk to. i found that it did help to just get my mind off of it to just write songs and play with my band and go about doing normal things. and just crying.(well for me crying worked alot)

2004-06-03 14:45:55 ET

go drink and be with the ones who truly love you! your friends are magicians for things like these

2004-06-04 09:41:35 ET

amanda: thx alot. you are right. she doesnt deserve me if she treated me like that. i am a nice person and people like me, so i know that i will find someone new, but i need to wait to find the right one. i felt that i was worth time before she left than she came back and i asked her," so, were did you sleep when you were there?" she said with a smile on her face," in his bed."
i asked," did you sleep with him?" she said," yes." then i asked," did you have sex with him?" and she said," yes."
this is what hurt, but i know i wasnt my fault. it was hers and i know that i was a good boyfriend to her so i know that i was her not ME.
Nuclear :
Oh i never thought this would happen to me at all. i had a gut feeling that this was happening, but i never thought this would happen. i trusted her and she did this well aware that i was at home waiting and at home was the boy that cares and matters. i thought. life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what your going to get.
Earth Brewing:
thanks hun.
i know.
yes, sorry for making it out to piss you off. that wasnt my intention.
yes i did cry, alot. it did help but drugs help more. my friends are a good medicine too.
Jackie: i will.

2004-06-04 12:36:32 ET

well yeah drugs can always help

2004-06-04 16:55:50 ET

It's so shitty when people throw away perfectly good trust like that.

2004-06-04 21:18:37 ET

tell me about it!

2004-06-05 13:49:43 ET

As our friend Austin did for me when I last broke up, I will do for you. We're gonna get a bottle whisky and chase it with a six pack of beer. The tradition continues...


2004-06-05 13:54:03 ET

we will see. ty

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