recording and doing nothing
2004-06-15 12:11:07 ET

all im doing is hanging out with matia and the band. checking out girls is good when your alone and need someone. i hope i find someone to care for me, again. i need it. come find me girls!

2004-06-15 12:13:57 ET

hehe come find me girls that's cute. how's your band doing? good i hope. i bet you will find someone again. no owrries just keep your chin up. hehe. GOOD LUCK!

2004-06-15 12:16:40 ET

thx. i hope.

2004-06-15 12:21:31 ET

i bet you will for sure there are billions of females out there.

2004-06-15 12:23:12 ET

yeah, your right.

2004-06-15 12:25:01 ET

so don't be sad GET GLAD! srry i'm a dork i couldn't help myself i am just in a really GOOD MOOD!

2004-06-15 12:27:03 ET

YEAH! thats good. i would enjoy being there to if i want here on my friends computer while he is in the other room with his girlfriend.

2004-06-15 12:29:44 ET

yeah to bad you live far away from me otherwise i'd come hang out with you We'd have fun. hehe. but i do live far away so i can't.

2004-06-15 12:35:25 ET

i would like that right now. he he

2004-06-15 12:38:58 ET

heh well i guess it's the thought that counts right? but for sure if your ever in Colorado look me up and we'll chill aight? haha aight. lol i am a silly girl.

2004-06-15 12:41:32 ET


2004-06-15 12:44:50 ET

so why are you at a friends house if he is just ignoring you and staying the other room wouldn't you much rather be at home than anything.

2004-06-15 12:46:39 ET

no. i rather sit here and type than be in the other room rotting my brain with tv.

2004-06-15 12:48:23 ET

OHHH! makes abit more sense now hehehe

2004-06-15 12:48:51 ET

ya. i know!

2004-06-15 12:52:21 ET

i can't stand TV unless it's like the simpsons or family guy

2004-06-15 12:53:35 ET

i like tv but i havent been on here in a while so i feel like i need to just check it out.

2004-06-15 13:00:30 ET

yeah we all missed you or atleast i did heh.

2004-06-15 13:08:24 ET

yeah! i am loved.

2004-06-15 13:09:13 ET


2004-06-15 13:11:40 ET


2004-06-15 13:14:41 ET

*party* heh i'm really tired. i slept so long though.

2004-06-15 13:15:45 ET

yeah me too.

2004-06-15 13:18:49 ET

yeah so hmm? whta's happening?

2004-06-15 15:12:44 ET

when I saw "23 posts" I thought you must be getting raped or something... I see it's all OK. Continue.

2004-06-15 17:39:10 ET

Marionette is right, dude. You will find someone :] You're a youngun, yet, as are we all :]

2004-06-15 21:56:54 ET

aw but your a stud muffin! this is the time to have fuuuuuun!

2004-06-16 15:04:12 ET

i know i need to. guess what! i talked to her today and she is doing good and wants me to come up and see her, " because she is bored", but she said that she is not lonely but bored when no one is there? weird huh. anyway i would post this as a journal but she mite read it so. yeah. its kind of weird. i still like her, but know i cant do that to myself. i miss her, and want to go up there, but i dont want to hurt right NOW. i will wait a bit till i can go up to see her. let myself find someone or at least calm the fuck down. then go up there. MAN I NEED A DRINK. thx for letting me vent guys.

2004-06-16 15:08:47 ET

NO PROBLEM! anytime.

2004-06-16 15:14:04 ET

aw best place to do it eh?

2004-06-16 19:37:10 ET

lenny, man...i know you miss her and stuff, but as your friend, I can't not say what I'm about to.

She hurt you...she took your heart, put it in a blender and hit frappe. She doesn't deserve your friendship. what she does deserve is a good kick in the head, cuz she is dead wrong if she thinks she can suddenly come crawling back and be all, "oh, im bored, come see me."

I know there are other factors involved, but should let her be bored. Make *her* suffer for once. She should be beaten down by the consequences of her choices.

Not to mention that going to see her will probably only add to your pain. Don't let her win, man. done preaching, now :P

2004-06-16 21:15:22 ET

yeah your most likely right shan.

2004-06-16 22:29:53 ET

right on! thats a friend right there

2004-06-17 12:07:09 ET

i just got an e-mail from deanna today. she is reading my SK account. AHHH i dont want her too at all. that is why i am posting this here. cuz she cant read it without have an account here. she says that she thinks this is a desperate cry for love. when it is a joke! ( the post i made). and said that if she was a girl looking for love that she would just laugh at me. and the said GOOD LUCK DORKFACE! AHHH now i hope you guys under stand that she is out to ruin my life. Now i feel i cant post things without her seeing all of my posts. is there a way that i can make it so she cant see it ( as a non-member of SK) on her computer? i would like it if she couldn't read any of my posts here on SK.

2004-06-17 14:30:02 ET

I don't think there's a "friends-only" thing here, or an "SK users only" option, but you could open a LiveJournal-thing and post shit there, then link it from here and it could only be read by people on your friends-list at LJ, if you chose to make an entry friends-only.

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