2004-06-18 14:39:45 ET

... LOOK HERE!!!!

2004-06-18 14:42:06 ET

right back at you


2004-06-18 14:42:39 ET

yo. i cant really right stuff on my posts anymore. CUZ I AM BEING WATCHED. ahhhh. anyway i will start doing this to make it easy for me to talk to people on SK and not have outsider look at my stuff here. Anyways, i am getting my Synth today i am happy and i am getting two samplers. yeah! so i am pretty happy for the new investment i have aquired. YEAH! OK!

2004-06-18 14:48:27 ET

You know you can set your account to be unreadable by non-SK people, right?

2004-06-18 14:49:06 ET


2004-06-18 14:50:04 ET


2004-06-18 14:59:02 ET

goto account settings its about midway down

2004-06-18 15:23:10 ET

cool thx.

2004-06-18 15:23:37 ET

Discovery is the mother of children

2004-06-18 15:54:24 ET

man that fucking happened to me too...so lame

2004-06-18 15:55:16 ET

i know. i suck!

2004-06-18 16:07:42 ET

Yeah you do.

2004-06-18 21:04:56 ET

I'm lookin....what am i suppossed to be seeing?

2004-06-19 18:54:43 ET

Nothing to see here folks, move along...
*is wearing a security uniform*

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