get your hair done and have a photo shoot! Red Youth
2004-06-21 15:34:34 ET

we are going to finally get shit done. when i come back from florida on monday i am getting my hair done then we have a photo shoot at matia's dads studio to get pictures taken of us. yeah we rock!

2004-06-21 15:36:32 ET

What kinda red?

2004-06-21 15:46:48 ET

what do you mean? like color or the name of our band?

2004-06-21 16:05:03 ET

Oh, for some reason I thought you had said that you were getting your hair done red. Sorry not paying enough attention.

2004-06-21 16:10:55 ET

yes i want to dye my hair red at some point, like a deep red or something like that. but i need my dreds to be prefect first before i do that.

2004-06-21 16:45:43 ET


2004-06-21 17:02:45 ET

Thanks Dad, you're the greatest! Could you get me a that BMW m3 for my birthday?

2004-06-21 17:03:22 ET

Sorry. I must insist that I am the first person to kick the shit out of Red Youth.

2004-06-21 17:35:57 ET

good they suck anyway!

2004-06-22 17:57:15 ET

Yeah we suck!

2004-06-22 19:14:35 ET


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