Red Youth: New Clothes!
2004-06-22 22:17:51 ET

we are trying new clothes to see what will look good for the shoot next week. we are some hott bitches! we will have new pics. at some point next week.

2004-06-22 23:46:39 ET

It's in Korey's room, with no mention/picture of Korey... what's up wit dat?

2004-06-22 23:59:31 ET

Korey doesnt wear clothes nathanal!

2004-06-23 00:34:46 ET


2004-06-23 03:50:45 ET

Bah, I want your hair so so bad.

New clothes = nifty.

2004-06-23 07:20:15 ET

ooo sexy

2004-07-01 06:40:28 ET

Ooooh! Verry nice *__*

2004-07-01 12:26:59 ET

thx sophy :)

2004-07-02 00:41:20 ET

god damn...i look like im going to prom or some shit...

2004-07-02 13:37:14 ET

you should have took me to prom.

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