metal on metal
2004-07-24 03:06:42 ET

this morning matia and myself finished that track. it was a lot harder then i thought it would be to do but it is done. i hope you will all enjoy it soon enough.

2004-07-24 05:05:08 ET

I can't wait to hear it.

2004-07-24 05:22:00 ET

you mean we get to hear it? that is so cool!
btw, those pictures of rabbits and hamsters, very niiiice O_O

2004-07-24 08:01:55 ET

yay musica!!

2004-07-25 14:18:26 ET

Dylan: ya man. i hope you like it.

Dollie: well whe the demo comes out we will post it somehow.

2004-08-10 17:45:38 ET

Fucking post something???? I hardly see you and yet you have a friggin' mobile laptop. Call me if you're too lazy to post...

2004-08-11 23:22:51 ET

i dont find the need to post anything here sometimes. i think my life is very uneventful that know human should indure reading about it.

2004-08-12 14:34:53 ET

Hahahahaha. What about just posting for fun? Lenny Hun, why don't you ever call (read w/ thick Jersey Accent). I fell like your jewish mom.

2004-08-15 13:11:23 ET

thanks maybe i need a jewish mom.

2004-08-15 18:03:54 ET

I just need to gain a whole bunch of weight and get a Jersey makeover. Then I keep all the bad people away while keeping well fed.

2004-08-16 21:33:06 ET

yeah, there you go.

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