here it is!
2004-08-18 13:22:24 ET

ooh la la!! if you wAnt to see it BIGGER go to and look up epiphone and see it.

2004-08-18 14:53:05 ET

Man, you soooo gotttthhhh. Heheheheheehehehhee

2004-08-19 14:19:39 ET

so that's yours now?

2004-08-24 20:08:03 ET

tyler: i'm more goth than auston!!!

2004-08-25 09:33:12 ET

Heheheheheeheee. He gets back in three days.

2004-08-31 17:55:44 ET

Where have you gone? :x

2004-09-03 13:56:06 ET

sophy,i have been around doing random stuff like working and chill'n try to play music but things are good how are you?

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