oh god....
2004-12-29 18:31:15 ET

2004-12-29 18:31:22 ET

fucking stupid bitch is going to have my child. dude she is going to call HIM fucking Icarus Kalen. what a bitch see said she is going to keep him and going to "hunt me down". fuck this dude i don't even know what to do. fucken a my old dogs name was Icarus what the fuck. ahhh. i just want that whole year or whatever i had with her to have not been real at all.

2004-12-29 18:34:31 ET

wtf does she mean "hunt you down"?

2004-12-30 16:57:34 ET

she is going to get child services on my ass and get me tp probably pay here child support for the rest of my life. and she doesn't want me to be around her, or "HER" child.

2004-12-30 21:19:14 ET

Get a lawyer. Now.

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