i hate feeling like this...
2005-01-16 22:53:27 ET

i feel like i am lower then scum. everyone i hang out with makes me feel like this (not you all but some). i feel like i am not good enough at anything. that i just exsist here for no reason, but another worthless human-being to laugh at and point and make fun at me for not being good or lame (for some reason). i feel i am not good at anything at all. i fail at everything i do and that i can not be better at anything. I JUST WANT TO THANK THOSE PEOPLE THAT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW!!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!! from today i am hanging out with people that make me feel like i am a human and have worth to them.

(i will be a good bass player one day, you will see me on the cover of bass player mag. one day. i will mean something to all of you one day, and i won't be an arragant fuck about it ether. a respectable human being to look up to)

2005-01-16 23:36:48 ET

Honestly you're good right now. Besides the band would be weak without you. Whats this all about?

2005-01-16 23:46:31 ET

fucken justin. he think's he is better than everyone and he need everyone around him to think that he is. AND THEY DO!!!! which makes me feel lower than everyone. i just feel that he is such an ass sometimes and people love him for it, like... well it doesn't matter, i just don't need to hang out with him when he acts like that. so tomarrow i won't.

2005-01-17 08:27:50 ET

You can hang out here. I will pick you up. I have a little work to do, but other than that I am free.

2005-01-17 09:52:13 ET

shit...man...dont make me come back sooner than planned :)

anyways...i was gonna say was it another session of finishing bass tracks that brought this on :) joking joking.

everything will work out homie :)


2005-01-17 11:39:44 ET

dude. Fuck Justin, seriously. Musicians that talk shit like that are just projecting thier own insecurities about their own musicianship.

2005-01-17 15:00:09 ET

i hope that is what it is. even though he is preety good at playing "everything". but it's ok his karma came today. he got his stereo stolen out of his car with all his cd's.

2005-01-17 15:02:01 ET

matia- yeah we do need to do that and after this i feel pissed and ready to rip on those tracks.

tyler- i am wait'n on you G.

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