go to school...
2005-01-18 07:05:35 ET

must go to school. i am here in berk-land with tyler and dylan this morning and i am going to College of Marin today to sign up for classes. WORD!! thanks for the kick in the ass Tyler. don't worry Matia i'm on it. ;)

2005-01-19 11:56:50 ET

well i have no money to go to school so i have to work then maybe next semister i can go. I HOPE!

2005-01-19 19:25:46 ET

what about financial aid?

2005-01-19 21:58:10 ET

well i need to find out about a student loan from the same FSA people. so i can go to school. i am probably going to get a job at the Arron Brothers Framing place. yah, till i can go to school.

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