organized scatter...
2005-01-19 12:21:10 ET

well last night all of my nine to ten friends that were at speakeasy's house were all BEEF-less. so when he said (well some called and told us) he was coming over. we all ( 9-10) of us all scattered and fucken bounced from the house in less the 5 minutes, so when he got there none of were there at all!!! that's what you get for being a dick to you FRIENDS. so the moral of the story is "DON"T BE A DICK TO YOUR FRIENDS,or an arragant-egotistical,asshole, AND PEOPLE WON'T FUCKEN UP AND LEAVE,or not talk to you.

2005-01-22 08:54:04 ET

my life has been okay, i'm not really sure actually. hrrm too many things happened, and i rarely ever write about them on my 'journal' thing...!

anyways, how've YOU been doing?!

2005-01-22 15:43:52 ET

i have been good since i haven't seen this person in a while, he was a good friend, but he was treating really bad so i am not talking to him till he says he says he is sorry. but besides that matia comes back from yugoslavia tomarrow. so are album should be done soon. i am also trying to start a jazz fusion band with some friends of mine and a rock band or something like that too with Tyler (mauzer) yeah fun stuff. i hope all is well with you. i hope one day i could play a show that you could come see. :)

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