sick and tired and fuck i needed to go to com.
2005-01-26 13:39:26 ET

well i guess today i needed to goto COM, but slept in and have to go tomarrow. i am sick and i can stop coughing and spiting up flem.(nasty) anyway, i hope i can play music at some point cuz i want to play bass or whatever with a band!

2005-01-26 16:22:09 ET


2005-01-29 19:20:51 ET

eeek, i hope you get better soon, dearest !

2005-01-29 19:36:11 ET

i'm all better now. he he dearest, i feel so lov-ed.

2005-01-30 00:18:57 ET

Trust me, you are loved contrary to what anyone says.

2005-01-30 15:14:23 ET

well i need some of that old fashion lov'in.

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